Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peaceful Meadows - No Justice, No Peace (Allied, 1998)

This is one of the first bands that I had in mind when I thought about starting this blog. I've never heard anyone talk about them and I think this album is totally overlooked.

I'm pretty sure these guys were from the San Diego area and were peers/buddies with The Neighbors, who were also pretty great and under appreciated. Both The Neighbors and Peaceful Meadows started out as pretty basic, fast punk bands, but evolved into something more. I have Peaceful Meadows' first album, "Maximum Party," but I don't remember much about it despite liking this one so much. I thought there were 5 people in the band at that point, but maybe I'm wrong. I do remember this album being a big change in improvement anyway.

On "No Justice, No Peace," the 3 members of Peaceful Meadows blaze through 16 songs of tight and melodic punk that straddles the hardcore side. They also provide a hyper cover of Cringer's "Kill My Boss" which is the poppiest moment on the album, but fits in with their other song titles like "Dull Razor Belief System," "Corporate America #1," "Hypocritical Punk" and most succinctly, "World Of Shit." I'd compare this album with the 2nd Christ On A Crutch album or maybe Life Sentence. Each really fast with a sense of melody, but not really sounding like most other bands.

I should revisit their first album again. They also have a split 7" with Stink that I need to rip someday for the unreleased song.

Peaceful Meadows - No Justice, No Peace (vbr 0)


  1. Awesome. I'm going to send this link to my brother, Scott, who was in Peaceful Meadows and the Neighbors. I came across this when Googling Peaceful Meadows just to see what was on the net about them. Glad to see that somebody remembers them and remembers them fondly.

  2. Thanks for the message, Lindsay! I didn't know the bands shared members. I got to see the Neighbors once at Gilman, but never Peaceful Meadows. This blog is pretty new, but hopefully I turn some people onto both bands.

  3. Peaceful Meadows is on of the most underrated bands in punk/hc. Both albums were fairly stunning, and completely different. The first one was light-hearted, and the second one much darker...I wonder what happened to them in those two years. =)Thank you for keeping their spirit alive.

  4. still my all time favorite hardcore band in my music collection. saw them several times every show faster and tighter than the cds. cool guys too. i wish they kept it up going, so much potential.

  5. Listnin to them now. Last time I saw them was at Bodies downtown and it was one to remember. Goin to see my friends band Cardiac Kids. Wound up getting in a fight after a really nasty fart just after eating 12 hardboiled eggs at the Ahara (?) I think. Rad fun band.

  6. Could you please re-up the link when time permits.
    Have you got plans to post more Allied? I want this record: J Church Quetzalcoatl

    1. it's back up. have a different allied release on deck, but can post that j church album too.