Monday, May 28, 2012

Hook - Compiled Feelings (2006)

So the other day there was an indie flea market type thing and I was stoked because they were going to show Thrashin' and another roller sport related movie. Well, the "screening" version of Thrashin' turned out to be a VHS dubbed copy off of the TV, in Spanish. :(

But, while trying to find directions to the flea market, I came across a bandcamp link for a song called Thrashin' by a band called Hook. Sounded promising. It turns out they were a local Barcelona band who played pretty good 90's skate punk ala old Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Dr. Strange, etc.

Unfortunately it seems that they broke up a few years ago, but their album "Compiled Feelings" and a few of their other EPs are all available for free on their bandcamp page. They also have a funny Thrashin' inspired video on youtube. Follow the links at the bottom to stream the album or go to their bandcamp and download their stuff.

Hook - Thrashin'

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Gundown - Pride (2012)

Another good local Spanish band, who actually share members with Col.lapse, mentioned below. I've seen them a couple times and really liked them, but haven't checked out any of their recorded material until now. Luckily their album and new ep, "Pride" are on Bandcamp for free. I especially like the layout of the album cover above because at first look it just looks like "ENDLESS LOADS." Yeah, I'm dumb.

The last time I saw them, they opened for Leatherface, who were missing their bassist and drummer for some reason. So Dickie and Frankie proceeded to play a sloppy, rhythm section-less show, accompanied by a seemingly never ending supply of beer. It was still great.

But if you enjoy that gruff, Leatherface, No Idea type sound, check these guys out. You can preview the ep below or click on the links to go to their Bandcamp page and download their stuff.