Monday, May 28, 2012

Hook - Compiled Feelings (2006)

So the other day there was an indie flea market type thing and I was stoked because they were going to show Thrashin' and another roller sport related movie. Well, the "screening" version of Thrashin' turned out to be a VHS dubbed copy off of the TV, in Spanish. :(

But, while trying to find directions to the flea market, I came across a bandcamp link for a song called Thrashin' by a band called Hook. Sounded promising. It turns out they were a local Barcelona band who played pretty good 90's skate punk ala old Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Dr. Strange, etc.

Unfortunately it seems that they broke up a few years ago, but their album "Compiled Feelings" and a few of their other EPs are all available for free on their bandcamp page. They also have a funny Thrashin' inspired video on youtube. Follow the links at the bottom to stream the album or go to their bandcamp and download their stuff.

Hook - Thrashin'

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