Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Check Out: White Lung

If you haven't heard White Lung yet, their album Sorry is one of my favorites from this year. An awesome mix of garage rock, post punk and hardcore, with melodic female vocals and one of the more interesting guitar styles I can think of in a while. Breakneck jangle with plenty of cool intricate parts.

But if you need an introduction to the band, check out their new European tour 7" on bandcamp. The first song, "Two Of You," is my favorite by them so far. Fast and melodic with crazy, noodley guitars. I have a tiny toy guitar at my parents' house that makes a really similar sound to the guitar part in the song. The second song is no slouch either with discordant guitars and a slightly more aggressive approach, but just as catchy.

And you can't complain about 2 awesome songs for 2 dollars Canadian.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After Cannibal and Grease 2,

This is probably my favorite musical:

Commando: The Musical - Jenny And Me

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flag Of Democracy - 23 (Buy Our Records, 1988)

I'm sure a lot of suburban punks like myself were only familiar with FOD by name from their mention in the Dead Milkmen song "Bitchin' Camaro." That was pretty much my only knowledge of the band for years, until I lucked upon this CD along with the CD of Adrenalin OD's first 2 albums, both on Buy Our Records and both now long out of print. I've actually never seen a copy of either CD before or after that.

I was already a fan of Adrenalin OD's raw thrash sound, and Flag Of Democracy was in a similar vein, but I noticed that they seemed to have more of a sense of melody. Listening to them now, they almost remind me less of a hardcore band and more of a pop punk band playing at hyperspeed. And even though the vocals are completely spastic (the singer was often compared to Jello Biafra), there are still great harmonies and backing vocals. That weird mix of mania and melody reminds me a bit of The Accused, another favorite of mine.

Although their debut, Shatter Your Day, has more of the "hits," 23 is a great followup with songs like "You're Fucked," "Teen Beat" and "All That You Need" displaying their humorously cynical look at things. Plus it was my introduction to the band, so it remains one of my favorites.

FOD is still going these days with 7 albums under their belt. They released an album about a year ago that is as great as ever. They've also just re-released Shatter Your Day with tons of cool bonus stuff. Hopefully a remix of their 3rd album, Down With People, is on the horizon since it's their muddiest sounding recording. Still awesome though.

Flag Of Democracy - 23 (I've replaced the download link with the bandcamp link since the preorder for the remastered reissue of 23 is available here.)