Monday, April 23, 2012

Check Out: Col.lapse

A good local hardcore band I just discovered recently. I see a lot of bands described as sounding like Dag Nasty, which mostly just means they end up sounding like melodic hardcore. These guys do a fairly accurate job with the Dag/DC sound, without being completely derivative. One song does remind me a lot of Egg Hunt. Nothing wrong with that. They fit in well with fellow modern revivalists Give and Remission if you dig later 80's hardcore that didn't involve finger pointing and sportswear. Oh, and getting stabbed in the back.

You can check out a few tracks from their album Última Esperança below. I debate posting the entire album because I'm not sure how many people outside of Spain are actually going to track down an LP only release, or download an album that's all sung in Catalan. But you can pick up the LP from B-Core Records or download it from Amazon, eMusic or iTunes.

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