Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There's a fine line between awesome and moronic

Municipal Waste - You're Cut Off


Apes Of Wrath - Booze

You be the judge. They both look like cartoons to me. (And this is from someone who loves Gang Green.)

7/04/2012: Update - I started writing this in my next entry, but this is probably a more fitting place.

I really do like Municipal Waste. They were one of, if not the first of the crossover/thrash revivalists. But unlike a lot of similar current bands who deliver a competent rehash, Municipal Waste have taken the crazy, party vibe of some 80's thrash to a more fun and ridiculous (in a good way) level, on record and especially live. The first time I was supposed to see them, they couldn't make it because apparently the night before the show, one of the band members was doing flaming shots at a bar and had lit his arm on fire. The first time I did actually see them was at The Fest. The show had filled to capacity while we were waiting in line, so JGoon and other people started climbing over a wooden fence to sneak in. The fence broke before I could climb over, so I crawled on my back underneath a small opening in the fence, narrowly avoiding a very aggressive bouncer and then walked nonchalantly to the outside bar to order 2 beers. It was a pretty fitting entrance to a show full of beer bongs, boogie board crowd surfing, guys dressed as wizards and general mayhem not unlike another of their videos.


  1. Is the latter a Eulogy band?

  2. Some of those guys look familiar...

  3. i don't think they're on eulogy, yet. i'm sure southern florida eats that stuff up, after they eventually break edge.