Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ed - Nailed To The Board (Agipunk, 2007)

Ever since the Italian label FOAD Records reissued the Wehrmacht albums a few years ago, I've been checking in with them on occasion to see what other stuff they have on the horizon. Besides the long overdue reissue of the first Lethal Aggression album, they're also about to release the discography (including a brand new album) of current Italian thrashers, Ed.

Ed's first album, Nailed To The Board, is one of my favorite hardcore albums in recent years. Cruising by in just under 15 minutes, it's a blistering mix of Verbal Abuse, RKL (whose "Think Positive" is covered) and classic Italian hardcore. Bones Brigade would be a more contemporary comparison. Fast as fuck, but still throwing in time changes, wailing solos and a good sense of melody.

Apparently some of these dudes also played in Ban This!, who were also really good, playing more of an Annihilation Time style.

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