Friday, March 1, 2013

About Downloads

So mediafire is a dick. What else is new? I've only had a couple of my files denied so far, which isn't too bad, but still really annoying when it's music that's unavailable otherwise. Oh, sorry 1 Missing Persons song is available on a Best Of The 80's CD! I'm not sure how mediafire is in cahoots with Amazon now or how well Amazon even pays the artists for MP3 downloads. I do occasionally buy MP3s from Amazon, but I prefer bandcamp.

Anywho, I'm going to start putting a password on some of the downloads. It's over there in the top left in the About section. If that doesn't work, I'll have to look at other options. I know a lot of other blogs have had to do the same with a much larger backlog. And please let me know if any of the links aren't working.

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