Thursday, December 5, 2013

Future Of The Left - Man Vs. Melody (Self Released, 2012)

I'll add this one right quick. Here's one of those examples of a release being brickwalled, but only mastered to about 50% peak volume, so I just raised it to full dynamic range.

Mclusky were one of my favorite bands when they were around. Luckily I got to see them twice in San Francisco and they were awesome both times. Mclusky Do Dallas was arguably their best release, with a mix of classic indie rock, noise rock, humor and anger.

When they broke up, the singer formed Future Of The Left and the bassist formed Shooting At Unarmed Men. At first, neither struck me as being as good as their former band. I lost track of Shooting At Unarmed Men and Future Of The Left's prolific output proved more daunting than exciting. But lately I've been revisiting all of the Future Of The Left releases and enjoying them a lot. I think Mclusky had the sound a little more finely honed, but Future Of The Left seems freer to explore a little more, producing some great results.

This EP is as good an introduction to the band as any, with abrasive dirges, jangly rock and Andy Falkous' caustic lyrics and delivery. And of course, some of the best song titles ever.

01) The Real Meaning Of Christmas
02) Future Child Embarrassment Matrix
03) Johnny Borrell Afterlife
04) He Is Not A Hymn
05) Hometapingiskillingsusan

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