Monday, January 6, 2014

Descendents - Still Hungry: Enjoy Sessions 85-86 (Cleaned Up)

While I'm procrastinating on my Best Of 2013 list, I'll share this gem with you.

My favorite Descendents album is Enjoy! It may have the worst production and it has 2 songs dedicated to farts (not exactly a minus IMO), but it also has some of the best proto pop punk ever recorded. I also happen to prefer Ray Cooper's guitar playing and having future Dag Nasty bassist, Doug Carrion, onboard doesn't hurt either. It seems like they had so much fun on this album, between recording farts, blasting out songs like "Kids" and "Hurtin' Crue" and the funny vocal wails they'd do to mimic screaming guitars.

In the mid 90's, a bootleg 7" called "I Don't Want To Get Bootlegged" began turning up in shops. I remember buying it at Earwaves, playing it when I got home and thinking, "Holy shit! This is now my favorite Descendents record!" The 3 unreleased songs were amazing. They were harder than any previous Descendents songs, more in line with "Hurtin' Crue." And "Green" (titled "Red" on the 7") sounded beefier as well. For some reason, that song sounds a little quieter than the rest of the Enjoy! album. I started putting a song or 2 from that 7" on every mix tape I made from then on. Those 10 year old (at the time) rough demo songs still blew away most of the other current pop punk songs I was adding to those tapes. I've never understood why they haven't seen an official release, but I'm sure SST has something to do with it.

Eventually the full (or is there more?) Enjoy! session became available on this bootleg CD, including demos of 8 songs plus a live set from San Diego in 1985. I've omitted the live tracks since I really just care about the studio songs, and apparently there's a better sounding version floating around the internet. I've taken out the background hiss and remastered it a bit to boost the volume. There are a few places where the volume drops out, but this is still a great sounding bootleg and this is the best version you're likely to find. I've also corrected the unreleased song titles (named Song 1-3 on the 7" and incorrectly on the CD). According to Discogs, Milo provided the correct titles for a magazine at some point.


01) Shattered Milo
02) Wendy
03) Promise
04) Kids On Coffee
05) Enjoy
06) Green
07) Sour Grapes
08) Vidi, Vici, Veni


  1. hey thanks for the post! just saw the Filmage doco-awesome!
    tried to link the file but it appears broken still. is it also cleaned up for macs?

    1. yeah, saw filmage too and it was awesome.

      the files are mp3, cleaned up and a little louder for any computer. what are you having problems with? to unzip the file, you'll need a program that allows you to enter the password. i use 7-zip on my pc, or there's stuffit expander, zipeg or the unarchiver for mac. they're all free.

  2. What is the password?

    1. Check the About section, top left.

  3. Thank you thank you!

  4. link is down. please re up if possible. I've been looking for this for a while =)

    Thank you