Saturday, April 26, 2014

Soap The Stamps: A mini documentary about late 80's UK Hardcore

"A look at the musical noise explosion that was British hardcore, the punk-inspired sound, following the obsessive fans and musicians who turned the rural satellites and drab suburbs of the UK on their heads."


So a channel in England has been running a short documentary series about the "glory days of the UK's best underground music scenes over the last 25 years, featuring key artists." I can't say I'm too interested in most of them, but when the Stupids posted a message on Facebook about a hardcore episode, I took notice.

Unfortunately, it seems that you can only stream the show here if you live in England.

However, some kind soul posted a TVrip of it in DVD format. It's a big file, and a private site, so I've converted it to a smaller avi file for your viewing pleasure. Thanks a lot to the original uploader. I don't want to name names since I don't trust "the man" when it comes to download sites.

I actually haven't watched it yet, so I hope my converted file quality is decent. I'm waiting for a spare moment to really savor it. I think the Stupids are featured prominently (if it was just about them, I'd be fine with that), but hopefully it mentions some of my other favorites from that time period, like HDQ, Visions Of Change, Exit Condition, Jailcell Recipes or Bad Dress Sense.

And here's a supplemental article including an interview with the documentary's main subject, James Sherry, and a photo gallery from the period:

Music Nation Episode 4: Soap The Stamps.avi (340mb or streaming)


  1. hey thanks so much for the effort, heard a lot about this leading up to the airing, of course in the wrong part of the world to see it (smacks of the old days and having to trade videos eh?). Really appreciate it! Cheers!

  2. Cheers for this, im from Suffolk but now live in Denver Colorado, brought back many memories.....cheers for your efforts.