Friday, October 17, 2014

The Vindictives - Party Time For Assholes (VML, 1994)

I missed out on the Vindictives when they were around somehow. I'm not sure why. I really liked Screeching Weasel. And I had no problem with, uh, "interesting" vocalists such as Jello Biafra, Blaine Cook or even Fat Mike. I guess their early 7"s weren't really on my radar until they were compiled onto The Many Moods Of The Vindictives CD released by Lookout. I don't remember them playing Milwaukee or Madison either, but I probably missed out on some stuff while I was skating studying all the time.

Plus emo was a bit more in flavor at the time and a lot of the college shows I remember involved sensitive kids clutching their chests and wearing backpacks as a fashion accessory. I doubt they were in their dorms singing along to "Pervert At Large."

If you didn't know, Ben Weasel was the original guitarist for the Vindictives during one of Screeching Weasel's hiatuses. Hiatusi? Haitians? He recorded 5 or so 7"s with them that were released by the band, and later compiled onto a CD entitled The Original Masters. But The Many Moods CD, released much earlier, had his guitar and backing vocals recorded over by his replacement. In your face! Although the difference is really hard to notice.

Their next major release after the 7"s, and the first I picked up, was this CD. 25 songs. 25 cover songs. And..........all on 1 track! Needless to say, it wasn't a favorite at first. I warmed up to it after really liking the compilation on Lookout. Plus, it is an eclectic choice of songs to cover, not just obvious stuff.

The Vindictives released their first proper album on Cold Front Records in 1999. It didn't really pack the same wallop as their old stuff. They also released a complete cover of the Ramones' Leave Home album. I've never been a big Ramones fan, and I don't really need to hear any more Ramones covers, so I've never sought it out. For me, their essential stuff is this CD, the Lookout CD and the Curious Oddities And The Bare Essentials compilation CD, which contains most of the EPs and compilation songs that they recorded after their self released 7"s. They recently remastered most of the material on those last 2 CDs and it sounds great. You can pick that stuff up here.

As for this CD, all versions are currently out of print. Fortunately for you, I've split up all the tracks.


  1. dude canyou upload the other albums lease

    1. can do many moods. they re-released some stuff online as volium 1-3.

  2. Yeah plz do Many Moods or anything else. these guys are awesome. thanks!