Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Humanoids - Unreleased (2013)

I feel like lately I've been saying "this is one of my favorite recent bands" an excessive amount of times. Maybe that's a good sign for music. Or maybe it's a sign of Alzheimer's.

Either way, The Humanoids are one of them. I think JGoon and I first heard them through MySpace. Then we got to see them at The Fest, where we picked up their awesome first EP, Are Born. We were so taken with the band that we wanted to release something of theirs on our record label (which never got off the ground). We all could have been hundredaires by now if they had signed with us!

Instead, their first album was supposed to come out on a member of Less Than Jake's label, got delayed forever, and was finally self-released by the band. I managed to find a copy for JGoon and I from a St. Louis (their hometown) record shop.

And of course now I find out that most of their stuff is easily available through Bandcamp. Including these 2 unreleased songs that were recorded during the sessions for their self-titled album. But hey, I'm not complaining.

So what do The Humanoids sound like? Well, just move your little sausage fingers to the link below! I'd say Are Born is my favorite stuff, sounding like a more hardcore version of Dillinger 4. They have touches of classic punk as well, like Naked Raygun, Adolescents, The Wipers and Dag Nasty (the latter 2 I know they've covered). This first unreleased song reminds me a little of Jawbox too. And I'm always a fan of a band with prominent, rumbling bass.

Hopefully they put their 7" Year Of The Snake up on Bandcamp too. I ripped it once, but it came out sounding a little crappy, probably due to the 80's Fischer receiver that I should have replaced ages ago. They also have a song on the Traffic Street Records' Dangerous Intersections VI, which you can find a download of on Amazon or Emusic.

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  1. i've always been convinced that i was the humanoids' sole fan. to find an unreleased lp. someone up there likes me.