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M.O.D. - Live @ Hellfest (2014)

M.O.D. - Live (Hellfest, 2014)

M.O.D. played in Barcelona last year and I think I was out of town. I don't think I was going to go anyway because I thought it might be a little sad. But I just watched this set of them playing at Hellfest last year and now I'm really bummed that I missed them. They sound great, Billy is funny and humble and the crowd is going off. I don't know if the Barcelona crowd would have moved much though, judging from the Wehrmacht show a few years ago.

S.O.D.'s Speak English Or Die is probably one of my favorite albums. I remember my friend and I listening to it in the car and my parents telling me to put something else in with less swears after "What's That Noise" came on. So we put on the Minor Threat tape and snickered to ourselves.

I used to like U.S.A. For M.O.D., but don't really listen to it anymore. Not because of the questionable lyrics (I believe that Billy was just being offensive as a joke), but because it's just not that great. There are some decent songs, but it just doesn't have the riffs and speed of S.O.D. I do still like Gross Misconduct though. And I even throw on Surfin' M.O.D. sometimes for a chuckle. I remember when I first heard the horrible first Mindfunk album, I was more disappointed that it was former M.O.D. dudes than former straight edge poster boy, Pat Dubar (Uniform Choice).

Some friends and I saw M.O.D. on the Gross Misconduct tour at a place called Billy's Old Mill in Milwaukee. It was a cool and scary (to me at the time) club that had a lot of great metal shows in the 80's. I remember pulling up to the back of the venue and seeing the bassist skateboarding around. I was probably the smallest kid at the show and Billy Milano came up to me a few times to pick on me (in a funny way). This is my fave M.O.D. song, and pretty much how I remember the show (minus the hair metal bits):

M.O.D. - True Colors

In the 2014 video above, Milano dedicates "Kill Yourself" to Scott Ian. I'm not sure what happened with their falling out, but it's too bad. They never really re-created the magic of Speak English, but they were still amazing when they played SF on their reunion tour however many years ago.

More M.O.D. info here:

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