Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ex Number Five - Extras

Anyone remember Anyone remember tying up your parents' or roommates' phone line for hours with a dial-up modem just to download shitty 128 kbps (or less!) mp3s, or stream them with real audio? Am I really old?

Besides having an incredibly opportune url, was one of the first sites I can remember that featured downloads of a lot of good, independent bands. Some of my beginning mp3 collection came from the site with bands like Capture The Flag, The Jealous Sound and Ex Number Five.

If I remember correctly, Ex Number Five piqued my interest from their comparisons. The closest 2 would have to be Farside and Shades Apart. Maybe a little Seaweed in there too. A little too tough to be pop punk, more in the melodic hardcore vein.

They put out a bunch of releases, but never really took off the way that their peers did. I'm not sure if they ventured out too far from New Jersey, which might have had something to do with it. You can grab 2 of their releases from bandcamp, but I've compiled their remaining odds and ends here.

The Movielife Split Cdep (2001)
   01) Armistice
   02) Go
Va - The Best Comp In The World (2000)
   03) First Attempt Spangler
Va - Streets Of Philadelphia (1999)
   04) Old Village 73

Ex Number Five - Extras (vbr 0)

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