Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hour Of The Wolf - Obsolete (Hellfish, 2009)

A quick upload to let you know I'm not dead.

Speaking of which, Hour Of The Wolf left this world too soon. I only became aware of them from seeing them live at The Fest in Gainesville one year. My friend JGoon actually had to deliver them some t-shirts or something from the label he was working for at the time. "Hour Of The Wolf, eh? Never heard of them. I'll check them out."

That show converted me into an instant fan. It reminded me of the first punk shows I'd gone to, with that mixture of excitement and fear. The band was aggressive, but funny. They played with the intensity of Black Flag and the melody of the Misfits. They obviously had a rabid bunch of converts already. I don't do much "dancing" at shows anymore, but I was nervous to even be on the outskirts of that pit. And that was before a garbage can went flying into the crowd!

I tracked down all of their stuff (only EPs), and of course shortly after, Think Fast! Records reissued it all on 2 vinyl compilations, along with some bonus stuff. A physical copy of this CD is included with the Decompositions Vol. 2 LP, but it's mastered to about half the normal dynamic range. I just pushed the level up to the full dynamic range, so now it's at an equal volume to the rest of their CD/digital material.

This EP ended up being their final recorded output. I'd say it sounds just slightly more tame than their other stuff. No less powerful, but a little more melodic. And as usual they throw in a classic cover, this time being Agent Orange's "Bloodstains."

01) Faith In Fiction
02) Age Of Nothing
03) Heart Failure
04) Obsolete
05) Bloodstains (Agent Orange)
06) Cowards And Critics

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