Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ignite - Scarred For Life / Ash Return Demo

So one day I see an ad for a 7" by a new "supergroup" featuring members of No For An Answer, Unity and Justice League. Who are also on the same label as a recent favorite, Triggerman. And described with those 2 magic words: melodic hardcore. Money order sent off to Ringside Records!

When that first Ignite 7" arrived, it didn't leave the turntable for a while. Like a lot of OC hardcore, they had an interesting take on old school hardcore. The music carried the tradition, but there were slower, DC style moments. The lyrics were emotional and semi vague, like other bands across genres at the time. And the vocalist was the icing on the cake. Randy Johnson had previously yelled for Pushed Aside, but here his vocals were like when Dave Smalley went from DYS to Dag Nasty. A perfect fit for the band.

I eventually learned of another Ignite release on the dreaded Lost & Found Records, so I tracked that down. It contained the songs from the 7", 2 more Randy songs and 3 songs with their first singer, Joe Foster from Triggerman? What? I had no idea. His songs were really good too, but I preferred Randy's voice.

Finally they put out a full length on Conversion Records. 16 songs?! This is going to be amazing! Plunk it on the old CD player...

...Uh, what the fuck? Where's Randy?? Why is Luciano Pavarotti singing now???

I guess the news of their lineup change never reached me. Call On My Brothers was a huge letdown. I can hang with Past Our Means, but an entire album of operatic hardcore is too much for me to take. Especially when I was anticipating a Can I Say for the 90's.

I've compiled all the pre Zoli stuff here. The Ash Return demo (featuring Joe Foster) was released on a split CD with X-Acto. The audio isn't the greatest, but I tried to clean it up a little more, taking out some of the hiss and balancing the volumes. I think it sounds better now.

Scarred For Life CD (1994)
   01) Automatic
   02) Slow
   03) Where They Talk
   04) Shade
   05) Turn
   06) Ash Return
   07) Should Have Known
   08) Scarred For Life
Ash Return Demo (1993)
   09) Ash Return
   10) Distance
   11) Slow
   12) Should Have Known
   13) Far Away
   14) Sided

Ignite - Where They Were (vbr 0)

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