Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check Out: Murmurs

Probably one of the most criminally unknown pop punk bands in recent years is the Seattle band, Snuggle! Their sole album Zero Real Hearts (on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records), blends speedy guitars, rapidfire drums and cool basslines with a singer who more than resembles Jason from Samiam. Probably the best East Bay (sounding) record since the glory days of Lookout.

Unfortunately, I don't think Snuggle! ventures out too far from Seattle and they have little to no web presence, so I'm not even sure if they're still around, although they did just release a song on a 7" compilation recently. And from looking for information on them yesterday, I came across Murmurs.

Murmurs features at least one member of Snuggle! (the singer, who also has an acoustic project called Pipsqueak). Their sound is a little beefier than Snuggle!, reminding me a little of The Fucking Cops. With the same familiar voice that I really enjoy.

They're set to release a limited CD and cassette called Fly With The Unkindness, which can only be streamed from their bandcamp page as of yet. Of course they're playing SF soon when I'm not there anymore. Hopefully I can get the album somehow soon.

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