Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This Is My Fist! - Everything Else

Through doing music reviews and living in a city with Amoeba Records for about 13 years, I accumulated literally 1 million CDs. I started to slowly weed them out through my extremely well designed Geocities site and sold maybe 1/10,000th of them. 1 of those CDs was sold to a local who sent me a CDr of her new band. I think I listened to it once and filed it in my shoebox full of promos with no artwork. Admittedly, I didn't give it much of a chance because I wasn't too keen on CDs missing more than a notch in the spine or hole punch. Call me shallow.

A few years later I started to see a band name around the Bay: This Is My Fist! Hmm, sounds familiar. When they popped up on a couple compilations I had, I realized this was the same band whose CDr I had packed away. I located the CDr again and was stoked to discover that besides being really good, it contained the 8 songs from their first 2 vinyl only releases.

I somehow never caught them live, but I managed to track down all of their material. And of course, they released everything on Bandcamp a few years ago. But I've cleaned this all up, remastering everything to the same volume, taking some of the hiss out of some releases, and adding a couple songs to the demo that aren't available on Bandcamp.

So if you've never heard This Is My Fist!, imagine Joan Jett singing for a classic Lookout! Records band. If you have heard them, you're welcome!

I Don't Want To Startle You But They're Going To Kill Most Of Us 7" (2002)
   01) Voice From Occupationland
   02) Story Of Reconversion
   03) I Realized My Error On Harrison Street
   04) Last Of The Ammunition
VA - Letters From The Landfill (2004)
   05) Yank Fiction
   06) Your Filth, My Fury
   07) Stiles The Dog
   08) Biblethumpin'
VA - To The Bitter End (2004)
   09) Wine & Cheese (Ambition Mission)
VA - California Thrash Demolition (2005)
   10) Jesus Plus Nothing
Dutch Oven Demos (2005)
   11) Gun Crazy Explosion Noises
   12) Wooden Bullets
   13) Wretched Of The Earth
   14) Country Time
   15) Hooray For The Home Team
   16) I'm Not Even Trying
   17) Skyscrapers
   18) You Sank My Battleship
VA - We'll Inherit The Earth: A Tribute To The Replacements (2006)
   19) Beef For Breakfast (The Replacements)
Fifth Hour Hero Split 7" (2007)
   20) Davy Crockett's Dead, You Know
Giant Haystacks Split 7" (2007)
   21) Gun Crazy Explosion Noises
   22) Love (Q Factor)
Marked Men Split 7" (2009)
   23) All That Is Wrong
   24) Bad Seed
Previously Unreleased
   25) Crash (The Primitives)

This Is My Fist! - Everything Else (vbr 0)


  1. Anyone else having issues with this one? I see a 95.4 MB file, but I download it is comes up as an 100 MB file and fails to extract, but I am not getting any helpful error messages. Tried 3 times.

    1. the files are password (see "about" section) protected, so you need a zip program that allows you to enter the password. i use 7-zip.

    2. I was entering the password :-)

      There is definitely a size mismatch, and the default extraction software on my Linux box surprisingly couldn't handle it. No matter, got it extracted now...

  2. I love This Is My Fist, another band I wish I caught live